Donations Save Lives

Needed Items

If you wish to donate any items, please send an email to for pick-up arrangements! You may also visit our Amazon Wish List and have items shipped directly to us.

During outreach trips, The Rescue Project members venture in to the community to deliver durable dog houses to dogs that would otherwise not have adequate shelter, free dogs living on harmful and heavy chains by placing them on dog friendly tie outs, fill empty food and water dishes, and treat fly bitten ears, plus so much more. We advocate for those that cannot advocate for themselves while educating caregivers in the hopes of continuing to improve the lives of animals in our community. The Rescue Project is also involved in area Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) feral cat colonies.

The Rescue Project is funded solely by donations from compassionate people who want to change a life, one dog at a time. Most of the items below can be purchased at Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Tractor Supply and Big Lots stores. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Outreach and TNR (Trap Neuter Release) Needs

  • Animal traps – lg and xl
  • Bones – rawhide and pigs ears (USA made)
  • Bottles for kitten and puppies
  • Cable Tie-Outs – for dogs 100 – 250 lbs
  • Cat litter – clumping/non-clumping
  • Cat food – Dry/Can (pull top lid)
  • Collars – metal clips preferred, med 14”-18”
  • Dog food – Dry/Can (pull top lid)
  • Dog Houses – sturdy plastic 2 part or Igloo
  • Fly Bags
  • Food bowls – metal-lg/xl preferred

  • Harnesses – med/lg
  • Kitten food – Dry/Can (pull top lid)
  • Leashes – heavy duty
  • Puppy food – Dry/Can (pull top lid)
  • Puppy Pads – lg/xl
  • Straw (seasonal)
  • SWAT Fly Repellent
  • Tape – heavy duty duck and packaging
  • Trash Bags – heavy duty – 30-38 gal
  • SWAT Fly Repellent
  • Tarps Sm/Med/Lg
  • Trash Bags heavy duty – large/xl

Rescued from a Tight Collar

Thank you! Because of your donations, we were able to save Dusky!  He had obviously broken off a chain somewhere and had wounds on his neck and is fly bitten everywhere. He was sent to a foster home and received medical treatment for his wounds.   Donate Now to Help...

Donations Heal

Donations go to rescuing cats like Highland. He has a broken leg, herpes in his eyes and is FIV positive. We sent him to our friends at Great Plains SPCA for care. He now has a splint on his leg, drops for his eyes and is being cared for by a loving foster family....

Rescued – With Fleas Eating Him Alive

Thank you! Because of your donations, we were able to save Mr. T's life! Mr. T is a semi feral kitty that has an angel for a caretaker. She lets him inside and treats him as her own. We thought for sure he had a broken leg but he didn't thankfully. The fleas were...

Gift cards from Home Depot, Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Big Lots and Amazon are also greatly appreciated.

Any donation you can make, no matter how small, will make a difference. Please call or email us for more details or questions. Thank you for considering a donation to The Rescue Project. We hope to hear from you soon.

Order your Pet Food at and The Rescue Project will get a $20 donation!

Any Donation is Greatly Appreciated.