We Have a Passion for What We Do

The Rescue Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building trusting relationships with people and their pets, while at the same time improving the lives of animals in Kansas City’s under-served communities. We provide basic survival items such as food, water, flea/tick prevention and dog houses for needy animals. We offer low cost veterinary resources and emphasize the need to spay and neuter. In addition, we provide community education/awareness to the public on responsible pet ownership and empower people to make a difference.

In the last 12 months we have provided:

  • Over 20,000 lbs of food to animals in need
  • 100 Dog houses
  • 240 Bales of straw
  • Thousands in gasoline and auto expenses
  • Provided love and kisses and treats to thousands of animals, for many it was the first affection they had ever received.

I am sure you have all seen pictures of mistreated and abused animals. Animals that live their whole life on a chain, without water and food for days at a time. No stimulation whatsoever. The Rescue Project has an outreach program where our volunteers go to the inner city looking for these abused animals. We provide counseling to the owners, food, treats, dog houses, flea and tick treatment, and some much needed love. Afterwards, we follow up to see if conditions have improved. You would be surprised how many people respond to the counseling. You probably wouldn’t be surprised at how many don’t. If abusive conditions continue, the owner is asked to surrender the animal or face being reported to animal control and being ticketed and fined. We also offer low cost veterinary services and of course, emphasize the need to spay and neuter. Our selfless volunteers work in –5 to 105 degree weather to make sure these animals get the quality of life they deserve.

No one at The Rescue Project receives any compensation. 100% of your donation goes directly to helping provide food, medical care, etc.

This is just a fraction of the services The Rescue Project provides. Please help us meet our goal so we can continue to help our animal friends.


Executive Director

Meet Our Leadership Team and Board of Directors

Our Leadership Team

Adoption Coordinator – Lisa Foster – adoptionstrp@gmail.com
Foster Coordinator – Mae Spencer – maegan719@gmail.com
Animal Vetting Coordinator – Emily Burrows – eburrows03@gmail.com
Donation Coordinator – Ann Thompson – trpdonations@gmail.com
Petfinder Coordinator – Amanda Horn Vanlandingham – amandaannehorn@yahoo.com
Outreach Lead Coordinator – Georgia Petsch – outreachtrp@gmail.com
TNR Coordinator – Holly Lawton – hollylaw68@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator
– Angela Lamb – angela.lamb@exprealty.com

Lisa Heithoff - Secretary

Lisa has always been an animal lover, bringing home countless “neighborhood strays” when she was a child, much to her mother and neighbors chagrin. Her first “real” rescue was a cat she picked up from a truck stop in NE.

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Ashland was her buddy for 11 years. She started volunteering with The Rescue Project in 2015 and enjoys being a part of an amazing organization focused on bettering the lives of animals in our community. Lisa currently has two adopted Weimaraners, Coal and Finnegan. She is an Account Manager and sells engineered composite materials to a wide variety of industries.

Andrea - Executive Director Andrea@TheRescueProject.net

Andrea has more than 18 years of experience in the animal welfare world. She has volunteered and worked in many different animal welfare capacities, ranging from very small grassroots to large-scale public/private partnership efforts.

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Andrea has served as a Board of Director with several animal shelters in the Kansas City area, and has contributed to saving hundreds of animals from death row. She has extensive experience in animal behavior, shelter disease control, adoption program management, transport, event coordinating and fundraising. Andrea founded The Rescue Project in early 2014.
She is also a Program Manager at Sprint where she manages projects in the Telesales division and just celebrated her 20th year of service!

Marilyn Enger

Since January 2009, Marilyn has done extensive outreach, rescue and support in Kansas City’s most impacted areas. The hopeless situation of these animals needs caring and motivated people with ” boots on the ground” experience. Marilyn has a BS in Interior Design from Colorado State University, Fort Collins and is currently an independent Interior Designer.

Lisa Monteleone - President

Lisa has been a passionate advocate for the well-being and care of animals since a young age.  Her devotion for dogs includes the adoption of strays, going back to a dog named Skippy when she was five, as well as over a decade’s dedication to charity for the benefit of various dog shelters/rescues in Kansas City and across the country.  

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Lisa currently has four dogs:  one German Shorthaired Pointer/Border Collie mix named Dice; two Jack Russell Terriers - Loki and Bodhi; and one Staffordshire Terrier/Border Collie mix named Annie.  She fell in love with Jack Russell’s in 1998 when she got Tyler, a one-of-kind Jack, who was her faithful companion for sixteen years.  Lisa is a management consultant with a focus in human resources, process improvement, and project management.

Katrina Huber - Treasurer

Katrina has always had a passion and deep love for animals, starting a young age growing up around dogs, cats, horses, cows, and sheep. She has been an accountant in the Banking industry for more than 10 years, with a short stint in the public accounting field providing audit and tax services to non-profit organizations.

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Katrina felt it was important to utilize her knowledge and expertise to give back to the community and focus on animal advocacy. Katrina and her husband, Jeremy are rescued by 2 dogs: a Smooth Collie (Bella) and a German Shepherd/Sheltie mix (Guinness), who never let life get boring.